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Zuhaxellod X is a Mahlok that is considered the current "avatar of Helexith" and is the leader of the Helexith forces.


The name "Zuhaxellod" is as much a title as it is a name in the Helexith Coalition. The original Zuhaxellod was simply a brilliant war leader who conquered the Slashrim people by manipulating their religion and turning himself into a prophet of their primitive sun-god, Helexith. After Zuhaxellod's death, a new Mahlok was appointed to take the same name, in order to keep the Slashrim under the illusion that their leader Zuhaxellod was an undying avatar of Helexith. The current Zuhaxellod, Zuhaxellod X, was born Akkafastus Zod, and the exact circumstances that led to his elevation to leader of the Coalition are unknown. He entered into the priesthood at an early age, and eventually his considerable prowess led him to somehow be selected to replace Zuhaxellod IX after his death. So far, Zuhaxellod X has proven himself to be one of the most brilliant leaders in the history of the Coalition, but has strangely kept to himself, not attacking any outside civilizations, such as the High Council of Harmony or the Humans. Some optimists see this as a good sign that he is finally ending the warlike ways of his people. Other, more realistic individuals fear that it may only mean he is building up to something unspeakably terrifying. So far, Human kind has never had to face the full power of Helexith in war...


During his priesthood, Zuhaxellod X spent his time studying religion, science, technology, and the arts of war... as well as practicing his control over his natural fire abilities. Not only did he quickly prove himself to be one of the most brilliant Mahlok scientists ever to live, but also one of the most talented of the Infernals, displaying complete control over the flames with which he was one. Though he truly is the tenth in the line of Zuhaxellods, Zuhaxellod X's name is usually pronounced "Zoo-HACK-sell-odd ECKS" by Humans, as opposed to "the Tenth." Zuhaxellod himself, however, hates Humans... though his hatred is not a fiery, passionate one, so much as a complete disdain for them. In his eyes they not nearly as strong, powerful, or long-lived as the Mahlok, or even the Slashrim, and so they are not worthy of respect. In person, Zuhaxellod X emits an almost terrifyingly powerful aura, and those in his presence cannot deny that he plays the part of a living god quite well. Usually nearly naked in order to show off his rippling musculature and perfect Mahlok physique, everything down to the way he looks, speaks, and moves gives those around him the impression that he is above and beyond the world of mere mortals.