Tech weapons starfire cannon

A Starfire cannon.

'Starlight' is the colloquial name for a unique gas which is harvested from gas giants and used as a fuel and in certain weapons.

Origin and ProductionEdit

Starlight Gas seems to result from the compression of a number of different gases within the high- pressure core of a gas giant. Careful experimentation has revealed that hydrogen, argon, neon, and element 118 are key to the production of this gas. There may be other elements involved, but they have not yet been found.  Once Starlight Gas is formed in the core of a gas giant, it rises out of the core and mingles with other gases.

Humanity (and, indeed, the other races) have begun 'feeding' gas giants with a mix of the necessary gases to produce Starlight Gas in an effort to maximize the available amounts. Specialized mining platforms and vehicles are used to collect Starlight Gas while filtering out other, less useful, gases. The gas is sent to a refinery where it is filtered further and stored under low pressure.

Characteristics and UsageEdit

Starlight Gas has many characteristics in common with other gases, but has a few unique properties. Among them are its conductive properties - it is the first known superconductive gas, and is thus used in some experimental computer systems (albeit with limited success).

Starlight Gas, unlike other gases, does not become liquid or solid when placed under extreme pressure. As the pressure placed on the gas increases, so does its potential energy. Hence, by pressurizing Starlight Gas, it can serve as a means of propulsion (Starfire Engines) or a weapon (Star-Talon Hand-Blades, Starfire Cannons).  The weapons utilize a force field to hold the gas in place and ignite, then release, it in a controlled burst.

Due to its tendency to become dangerous under high pressure, Starlight Gas is rather difficult to transport and store. Lower pressure containers are regularly utilized to limit its volatility - this, however, takes up more shipping space and is thus less economical.