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Star-Talon energy blade in use by an Enomeg trainee.

The Star-Talon hand-blade is the signature weapons of the Enomegs, super-soldiers of Xarkon.


Starfire Blades, often shortened to "Starblades," are the most powerful type of energy blade. Many energy weapons do not create heat intense enough to cut through a strong, heat-resistant solid surface (such as metal) without continued exposure (via holding the blade against the surface for an extended period). Starblades, however, are hot enough to typically cut directly through most metal and other such materials (short of military-grade duranium armor plating) in a single pass.

Starlight GasEdit

The weapon itself contains a canister of compressed Starlight Gas, the same type of chemical that is used in modern starship and aerospace vehicle engines. As with these engines, the color of the blade is determined by the gas mixture used as fuel. The gas is highly compressed and can explode if damaged, so it is well protected and must be guarded at all times.


The "blade" is a complex synergy of Starlight Drive and Suspended Energy Forcefield technology. The forcefield (usually a Type-B High-Energy Low-Matter Forcefield, which is extremely heat-resistant but with low anti-matter properties) creates a "bubble" in the intended shape of the blade (far more powerful and easily shapeable than the magnetic fields proposed centuries ago), and this bubble is filled with the superheated Starlight gas. Due to the nature of the forcefield, the heat of the weapon is contained almost completely inside the shield, so there is little to no risk of heat damage to the wielder (unless struck). Only enough heat is allowed to escape to keep the weapon from malfunctioning. However, also due to the unique properties of the Type-B AE-LM Forcefield, material objects pass through with great ease, thus allowing anything touched by the blade to be exposed to the intense heat of the Starlight gas. As an added side-effect, Starblades may be used for dueling, since the forcefields do not part when coming into contact with each other, only with the opponent. The downside to Starblades over energy blades is the requirement of two types of "ammunition": a Starlight gas canister and an energy cell for the forcefield.

Training BladeEdit

Special training blades were used by the Phase Two Enomeg in the holoroom of the ETAB during the Test of Supremacy. The soldiers fought one on one by turn, using blades that were not strong enough to make cuts, though still hurt. When stabbed with a training blade a jolt of electric pain courses through the body. The training blades could also make subtle burns.