Portrait scorp
Biographical Information
Full name Justin Randolph
Codename Saber-Scorpion
Species Human
Gender Male
Born 314 PA (age 19)
Birthplace Xarkon, Terra Nova
Physical Description
Eyes Blue-grey
Hair Brown
Parents Unknown
Political Information
Faction Xarkon
Affiliation(s) Armed Forces of Xarkon

Phase 2 Enomegs

Occupation(s) Super-soldier
Rank Century-sergeant
Misc Information
Preffered weapons Enomeg Star-Talon Hand-Blades

Dual Zek Skorpyn SMGs
"Ironslinger" Blazer Rifle

Preffered vehicles Hornet Hoverbike
First Appearance Warrior Born

Justin 'Saber-Scorpion' is one of the Second Phase Enomeg super-soldiers of Xarkon and the protagonist of the novel Warrior Born.[1]

Biography Edit

Early life and training Edit

Like all Enomegs, Saber-Scorpion was taken by the Xarkon government as an infant after testing positive for certain "warrior genes." Given the name Justin and raised in special training centers his whole life, he was quickly found to be a grade-A student and a natural warrior. He showed a special affinity with the Enomeg Star-Talon hand-blade and could beat every student he faced in single combat. He displayed a strong independent streak from the very beginning, even going so far as to choose his own "skill-animal" codename, Saber-Scorpion, before the instructors could choose one for him.

Warrior Born Edit

Eventually, "Scorp" was transferred to the ETAB (Enomeg Training Academy Base) for the final steps of his training. There, he quickly developed a rivalry with Luke Blood-Raven, the other star pupil.

In 332 PA, Saber-Scorpion completed his training and became an Enomeg Commander alongside Raven. He fought in the Battle of Shardasha the following year, and was present at the CONON meeting that sparked the Ultimate War. As of graduating as Enomet commander, Scorp's official military rank within the Armed Forces of Xarkon is that of century-sergeant, which means that he may control a group of to 100 troops.[1]

Description Edit

His fellow Enomeg trainees would most likely describe Saber-Scorpion as an anomaly. He is widely admired, but keeps few friends. He often seems to have strong opinions, but he rarely gives voice to them. He has, however, become known as both skilled and arrogant, perhaps the most typical combination in his personality. He created the name "Saber-Scorpion," he claims, because he wanted to have his own name, not one given to him by the government. This name increased his fame, but not his popularity, with the other trainees. His ultimate goal seems to be furthering his own fame and making a name for himself, not fighting for his country. Any goals he might have beyond that, he keeps to himself.


Portrait scorp helmet

The Avenger helmet.

Build Name: "Avenger"

Each Enomeg Soldier wears a suit of armor specifically designed to suit his personal skills and requirements. Saber-Scorpion's armor build is the "Avenger." Since his choice rifle is the somewhat antiquated Ironslinger, which lacks a scope, Scorp was granted a larger lens array "gem" for additional vision enhancement, particularly in the area of his helmet's built-in scope. The Crown of Xarkon design is evident over his visor, signaling his status as a star trainee. Due to his skill with blades, a small neck-guard was added around the back of the helmet to defend against strikes to the head. The cheek-guards coming down before his faceplates were given a slightly claw-like shape in reference to his chosen animal codename. Finally, his helmet fins are slightly larger than many in order to enhance communication and jamming abilities.

Scorp Enomeg Comm LEGO

Saber-Scorpion in LEGO form. Built by Justin R. R. Stebbins.

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The Legend of Saber-Scorpion Edit

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