Saber's Edge is the working title of the upcoming second installment in Justin R. R. Stebbins' series The Legend of Saber-Scorpion, and will serve as a direct sequel to Warrior Born.

Saber's Edge is currently being written, though initially work on the novel was halted since Stebbins got too preoccupied working on Wulfgard and finishing The Takeover of Mordark, but work on the novel has been resumed. Stebbins is planning to have the book finished and released in 2018 in time for Warrior Born's ten year anniversary. About the plot, he has stated that the story is set during the galactic conflict that the events of Warrior Born spawned and that most of the story will take place on other planets than Terra Nova. A lot of the character interaction among the Xarkonian characters will take place on the planet Utgard in the Jotunheim system, where Xarkon's largest military installation is located. Stebbins has said that he is going to post updates on the book on his Patreon available to patrons, and, depending on people's pledge level, they will receive the book when it is released.