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Star Talon energy blade in use by an Enomeg trainee.

Suspended Energy Technology has been utilized to create a variety of powerful and efficient energy blades.


The use of SET in the form of weapons followed shortly behind the development of shield technology. And, of course, the first SET-based weapon was the energy sword. Long predicted in science fiction, the energy sword (or lightsaber, or beamsword) finally became reality. 

Uses Edit

The usefulness of energy swords, though at first in doubt, became apparent as better and more efficient forms of armor were developed, most of which included enhancements which rendered projectile weapons nearly useless.  (See Armor Technology for more information). Energy blades, however, were quite effective against these new types of armor, and by the middle of the first century PA, the militaries of Terra Nova begin training their soldiers in melee combat.


SET blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Generally, larger blades require more energy and (in the case of Star-Talons) Starlight Gas.