Nova Refuge Starmap
Nova Refuge, or simply the Refuge, is a medium sized spiral galaxy, called Solienus by the Sarran and Omolgvum by the Mahlok. It was became known as Nova Refuge to the Humans when they took refuge here after the supernova of their Sun and destruction of their homeworld, Earth.

Layout Edit

The map on this page shows the galaxy's habitable galactic core. The arms extend much farther outward, but most of these outer stars have no planets.

Nova Shelter is a small, three-armed sister galaxy very near Nova Refuge. Though its proximity is somewhat exaggerated here, it is close enough to be practically inside one of Nova Refuge's spiraling arms, though slightly "above" it. It is thought that one day they will "collide" and Nova Shelter will probably cease to exist.

Nova Refuge is divided into the following Star Regions:

Human Territory Edit

These stars were conquered by the Humans who came to Nova Refuge from Earth before its destruction. After the Xenocide War, the major Native groups signed a treaty to give the Humans most of the control of this territory. The section in Nova Shelter is actually separate from the main region, but still constitutes a Human-ruled region of stars.

Sarran Prelature Edit

The Sarran government known to humans as the High Council of Harmony rules this Star Region. They have never spread its boundaries by war, though a few breakaway factions would like to do so. Most Sarran only wish to defend their rightful region of space and be left alone.

Mahlok Empire Edit

The Mahlok spread their Empire from Helleye to all of the surrounding stars via military conquest. Only when they were unable to best the Sarran and Achmer in war did their domain stop expanding. Most of the Human Territory was once considered their domain, and they resent the Humans for having taken it.

Achmer Sea of Stars Edit

The Starsea, as it is called, is ruled by the Achmer governments, nearly all of which are part of the High Council of Harmony with the Sarran. They defend their region fiercely but usually do not involve themselves in other, unnecessary wars. Despite their reclusive nature, they have a curious interest in other species, seemingly from a scientific point of view.

The Hubzone Edit

This area, which is composed of a small section of what was once Achmer space around Nova Core, has been turned into a neutral zone by its owners for the purpose of becoming a trading center. The Achmer encourage all people to settle on the planets there so long as their intentions are peaceful. So far it has worked quite well.

Free Stars Edit

These stars are either uninhabitable, unexplored, or unclaimed regions of galactic space. There are no laws in these areas, and thus the few planets there have become havens for criminals and outcasts of all sizes, shapes, and kinds.