Mahlo-Slashrim is the language invented by the Mahlok to communicate with the Slashrim people, the lingua franca of the Helexith Empire. It is based on a combination of the old Mahlok tongue (now seldom used) and the language of the first Slashrim tribe the Mahlok conquered. Though it sounds guttural and barbaric, it is rigidly structured and logical, with a precise written character for every sound.

Due to its harsh sound, Mahlo-Slashrim curses (such as klagk, meaning excrement) are used by many species throughout the Refuge.

Words Edit

Common Expletives: Edit

  • Gogk - damn (literally, "curse", as in "Helexith curse you")
  • Kragduk - worthless scum, idiot, cannon fodder
  • Klagk - a word for dung, used as a generic expletive, a favorite of Grimm III
  • Gekbo - another word for idiot or moron
  • Gogklagk - a combination of gogk and klagk, for extra emphasis

Other Mahlo-Slashrim Words: Edit

  • Helexith - The one true all-powerful creator god in Mahlo-Slashrim religion. Often called a god of fire, since he is the god of light, heat, and liquid - the three elements necessary for life - opposed by darkness, cold, and solid, which are the elements of death.
  • Sessith - An evil Slashrim spirit or dark god, related to fear. His name is carved over the entrance to the Cave of Fear that the second phase Enomegs had to face during their training.