Portrait lisa sharp2
"The quickest way to a man's heart is through his chest."

Real Name:

Lisa Sharp


Grimm's Army


Professional Assassin


313 PA





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Preferred Weapons:

Her customized blazer sniper rifle, the "Black Widowmaker"

Lisa Sharp is a mercenary and a high-ranking member of Grimm's Army.

Biography Edit

Lisa Sharp's greatest desire throughout her entire life... has been freedom. Born to a desperately poor family in Mordark, Lisa led a terrible life as a child, resorting to crime in order to stay afloat. Nearly all of the men she met tried to take advantage of her, so she learned how to use this in order to turn the tables on them. This was how she became a professional assassin in the employ of the planet-wide crime organization known as the Black Network. Her life in the dark underworld politics of Mordark was a twisted one, and she betrayed many allies, and was in turn betrayed by many people that she believed to be her friends... even her lovers. From these experiences she formed a very bleak outlook on life and morality. When Grimm I approached her with the offer of freedom from the feuding gangs of Mordark, her own quarters in his base on a far away island, and high wages for the use of her skills, she gladly accepted his offer. And as a wanted criminal throughout Terra Nova, she knew she had no choice.

Description Edit

None can claim to know Lisa Sharp's true personality, for she has learned to keep it well hidden. She moves and speaks with seductive charm and grace, wearing an outfit of tight black leather with a red hourglass design on the back of her jacket... but her outward facade of confidence may well hide a troubled mind beneath. Lisa has assassinated more politicians, gangsters, and military leaders than she cares to name, using her highly-customized blazer sniper rifle, the "Black Widowmaker." Such was her need to travel, as well as her sense of independence from and disgust with the other mercenaries, that Grimm allowed her to own a personal, private aerospace craft. It cost Lisa, even with Grimm's help, most of her savings, but she loves the Stingray, and it now practically serves as her home. Lisa is also a master of disguise. It is said that she can become almost anyone, of any appearance, of any station in life, and others will fall for it completely. After all, being a seductress and assassin requires the skills of an actress as well.