Nidhogg hugin edited



Weight Range:

Very light


Very fast

Flight Abilities:

Short-range Air and Space, no Interstellar Drive


2 medium blazer machine guns, 2 light energy cannons


1 pilot

Other Specs:

Retractable wings for storage, "Raid" anti-missile jammer

The XAF-L02 Hugin is Xarkon light fighter, and possibly the smallest spacecraft in existence. It is barely large enough to have engines, weapons, and a life-support system. The fighter is fast and agile, but it has no shields and no missile payload. In space battles, it relies on speed, maneuverability, sensor and missile lock jammers, and numerical superiority to take down its foes.


A rough digital version of the Hugin found on SSLF. Model by 'Dense_electric', color by 'Slashrim'.

Trivia Edit

  • In Norse mythology, the head god Odin had two pet ravens which would bring him news from all over the world. Their names were Hugin and Munin ("Thought" and "Memory").