Gravitics are the study of gravity, its effects, and technological means of affecting it.

Overview Edit

According to General Relativity, massive objects curve spacetime, and the curvature creates the effects we associate with gravity. As per the illustration to the right, the more massive an object, the greater the degree of curvature. Gravitics is the study of this phenomenon and how to manipulate it technologically.

Applied Gravitics Edit

Hoverpads Edit

The most common application of gravitics is in the development of hoverpad technology. Hoverpads are not anti-gravity devices; rather, they produce a field of gravitic repulsion - that is, a force infintesimally greater than and in opposition to the gravitational force a given body exerts on the object which contains the hoverpad.

Two hoverpads, each creating a gravitic repulsion field, can be placed in opposition to each other to amplify the field (as is the case in major cities in Xarkon - hoverpads are placed in the streets, facing upward, to give extra lift to hovercraft). In addition to the amplification of the field, the zone where the two fields meet is a zone in which any mass will be in free fall. This is not normally an issue, as the hoverpad tracks only activate when a hovercraft is above them, but the free-fall effect has been capitalized upon for the HoverPad Gauss weapon system.

Hoverpads are used in most vehicles as a means of both levitation and propulsion. However, space-borne vehicles and the faster classes of fighters still require engines to function properly.

Other Applications Edit

It is theoretically possible to create a state of non-gravity; a zero-gravity field.  This would not be a means of revolutionizing mechanical transport, however; though it would be a source of infinite clean energy.  The only species which possibly has sufficient technological development to create a zero-gravity field is the Achmer.  Whether or not they have is unclear.

What is certain is that any species which succeeds in creating a zero-gravity field would have an immense advantage over all others in terms of energy and weapons production; as the zero-gravity field could also be utilized in


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