Portrait grimm i
"When the goin' gets tough, the tough get paid double."

Real Name:

Eric Grimm




Grimm's Army


Grand High Warlord


279 PA





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Preferred Weapons:

Blazer SMG, Energy Sword

Eric Grimm I is the founder and head of Grimm's Mercenary Army, and one of the richest and most powerful men in all of Nova Refuge.


Grimm was born in Victory, and he quickly distinguished himself as a very capable military leader. When the Victorians went to war with the pirates based in what would later become the Grim Isles, the leaders of the operation were Grimm and Rick Radcliff. After the amazing success of the highly-publicized campaign, they returned home as heroes.

However, Grimm became involved in a scandal when he was found to be stailing funds from the bank account of Radcliff, now Grand General of the Victorian Defense Force. Elizabeth Radcliff, Rick's wife, also claimed that Grimm had assaulted her. Rick was infuriated and challenged Grimm to a duel of honor. Grimm, maintaining the claim that he was innocent of the crimes, accepted the challenge. When the two of them crossed blades, Rick, a professional sword-fighter, was the victor. He left Grimm alive, but minus his left eye.

Grimm, deciding that his career in Victory was at an end, fled with several loyal soldiers to the Grim Isles. Returning to the islands that had made him and Rick famous, Grimm gathered up the pirates that they had defeated earlier and created a mercenary army, the Grim Army. He gave himself the pretentious title of Grand High Warlord, combining the prefixes of the titles of Victory and Xarkon's highest military ranks.

Since then, he has been building his army's power, gathering vicious gangs and bands of pirates together under a common banner, taking control of the criminal underworld and amassing great wealth, becoming one of the most feared and powerful men in Nova Refuge.


Though he stands at a modest height and does not look the part of a stern military commander like Mars, the sight of Grimm I still invokes respect, even fear, from his troops. He does his best to at least look tough and ready for battle. Grimm dresses in battle armor at all times, and with his unkempt hair, unshaven and scarred face, and his missing eye, he clearly shows that he is not a man to mess with. After all, he single-handedly formed a motley horde of treacherous crooks into an organized fighting force whose mere mention can intimidate even the greatest militaries of Nova Refuge.

Grimm himself is known to be gruff, foul-mouthed, and downright rude to his employees, but his mercenaries consider him a brother as much as a commander, and he is unafraid to walk and talk among them, drinking and laughing with the rest. When he first heard of Grimm's Army, Rick Radcliff feared that Grimm would seek revenge... but before long it became apparent that all he was really interested in was money. Overall, Grimm seems to thoroughly enjoy his life as an infamous warlord.