Eos System Starmap Layer 1

Most Notable Inhabitants:

The Sarran


Lellip, Hessith, Ecirron, Olbolath

The Eos System - a four planet star system, all of which orbit around the blue star Eos. Most notably this system contains the Sarran homeworld, Ecirron.

Major Planets Edit

  • Lellip - A tiny, barren rock of a world that orbits close to Eos. Though it's crust is rich with useful minerals, its extreme temperatures make mining difficult. The profit that would be gleaned might be enough to lure some Human interest, but the Sarran give this world little attention.
  • Hessith - A deadly world of toxic fumes, boiling acid lakes, hideously twisted plants, and monstrous animals. the Sarran study its unique floral and fauna, but have found little else of interest, and have thus far left it mostly untouched.
  • Ecirron - Homeworld of the Sarran people - It is similar to old Earth in many ways, but much colder - almost too cold for Human life except in certain places. The Sarran are protective of their home world, and offworlders are rarely allowed unless their reasons are of the utmost importance, and even then they are closely scrutinized. Rumors among the Humans say it is a heaven-like place with shining mountain peaks and flying cities made of gold. These rumors may not, in fact, be far off.
  • Olbolath - The Sarran first discovered Starlight Gas and a way to harness it from studying this gas giant, and are quite probably the first to use it as a power source - with the Starlight Drive as the next step in science. Among other reasons, it is why they they prize its existence and protect it from being depleted or altered from its natural state.