Tech personalarmshield

A representation of a personal defense SET shield.

The first and most self-evident application of SET was the creation of force fields for defensive uses. Initially, a force field could only be maintained within a framework designed to hold the energy in the desired shape; but scientists eventually devised fields which did not require a framework.


Tech portableshieldwall

A portable shield wall emitter dish. Emits a round shield of suspended force energy without a frame.

Force fields, more commonly called energy shields, require large amounts of energy to function, and can be penetrated by certain specially designed projectiles. They come in two variants: the Barrier type and the Dome type. Barriers are simply a straight wall of energy which can serve as a door, a fence, or a temporary cover for soldiers on the field. Domes are created by a central emitter which directs and modulates the energy to a ring of projectors (which are, of course, inside the shield perimeter).


The third, and probably most common, application of energy shields is in the protection of vehicles by means of a series of generators which feed into each other, blanketing the vehicle with energy from as close to the hull as a centimeter to as far out as a third of a meter.