Real Name:

Lucas "Luke" Mars Junior








314 PA (age 19)





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Preferred Weapons:

Star-Talon Hand-Blades, Xarkonian (customizable) standard-issue sidearm

Luke 'Blood-Raven' (original birthname Lucas Mars II) is the son of High Commander Lucas Mars and one of the Second Phase Enomeg super-soldiers. He is a rival of fellow Enomeg Saber-Scorpion.

Biography Edit

When Luke was born and tested positive for the so-called 'warrior genes,' his father Lucas Mars immediately put him into the program. Following the normal procedure, he declared his son to have died in infancy. Upon hearing the news, Luke's mother - already in a state of depression virtually unknown to her aloof and distant husband - soon committed suicide, driving Mars to dedicate himself entirely to his work. He never revealed Luke's true lineage until the boy became a fully trained and graduated Enomeg, codenamed Blood-Raven. Mars declared that he was proud of his son, but Luke was not sure how to feel about the revelation.

Description Edit

Luke looks very much like his father, with jet-black hair and stately features, but has his mother's blue eyes instead of Mars's steel grey ones. A master swordsman, Luke is the best duelist of all the Second Phase Enomegs, besting even Saber-Scorpion and Blade-Mantis. Though he has repeatedly proven himself to be a good leader, he is bad-tempered and impetuous, often charging headlong into situations too dangerous even for his own great skills. His relationship with his newly-discovered father remains distant.

Armor Edit

Portrait raven helmet

The Harbinger helmet.

Build Name: "Harbinger"

To be added.

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The Legend of Saber-Scorpion Edit

The Takeover of Mordark Edit

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