• Amarok the Whitewolf

    A new face.

    January 8, 2014 by Amarok the Whitewolf

    While I've been a fan of NR for quite sometime, I've mostly been hanging out on the Wulfgard wiki. But no longer!

    I'm here to dust off theses outdated pages and give this wiki a new face!

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  • Bpw2002

    ... Epic!

    November 21, 2013 by Bpw2002

    I've just created a Victory Marine Squad!

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  • JoeloftheAlliance

    Day 4...or is it 5?

    November 30, 2012 by JoeloftheAlliance

    I lost track.  Anyway, I've cleaned up the categories today.  Still got seven articles to write.  Nobody seems to be around anymore - not Luka, nor...that Volte guy.  Anyway, back to work.

    Later: got bored and started working on a short story predating the nova.  This might be interesting.

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  • JoeloftheAlliance

    Day 3

    November 29, 2012 by JoeloftheAlliance

    So.  Day 3 of tech creation and edits.  Justin gave me permission to 'invent' details and specifications for his technology, so I've been in happy land.  Finished Gravitics, copy-pasted Grimm I and Grimm III from, and started Hoverpad Technology.

    In other news, we now have a spelling and grammar destroyer on here.  If he starts editing articles, I may have to lay down my power and petition for intervention from on high. (That's a Silmarillion ref)

    Later: copy-pasted Zuhaxellod, Lisa Sharp, Falcon, Zegaldorph, Slashrim, Spectra and Ignatus.  Wrote CONON, added photos to Armor Tech and Hugin.

    Still later: copy-pasted Draconians and Helexith.

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